"humble but you're greedy"

8:42 PM
religion. people get touchy when you talk about religion. it is merely a repetition of action. a daily or weekly or monthly or annual ritual that makes you feel good. or does it? christians say that they don't have a religion but a relationship. bull crap. (one day when i'm as cool as lori mondshine i can use expletives..one day). every aspect of christianity as i know it is religion, ritual. church, communion, daily devotions. in my humble opinion, religion is what drives us away from christ. it is the opiate of the masses. it makes us feel good, or at least numb enough to shirk our responsibilities to christ. we feel semi accomplished or productive enough to not have to approach the throne. to not have to fall to our knees. to not be in need. why pray when you can read a book. why think when you can listen to someone's sermon. why worship when you can turn on a cd. or the radio. or walk into a church service. what happened to the honest, naked, impossibly difficult encounter with God? cuz it's not easy?

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