"but it's nice to say that we played in the dirt"

9:05 AM

here is an email i received from a friend and woman i highly respect in response to this post.

"Interesting. I just came across this. As you can tell I don't get out much. You thoughts are well written and spot on. I believe religion is man-made. And many Christians profess to have a relationship but they actually don't even know the Lord. But as I read this it occurred to me that repetition of action is not absent in relationship. I get up every morning and make coffee and kiss my husband of 21 years before he goes to work. Relationships grow cold not because of repetition, but because we stop seeking and seeing our mate. I too become frustrated by those who want worship without effort. Who see worship as hands raised to a song that lift their emotions, instead of hearts bent in obedience.

And, it is not because I'm cool that I use expletives. I am just comfortable enough with my Lord to know that He will not fall off His throne. I trust His love, and know that sometimes, the lost can relate better to someone who isn't afraid of bad language. We have turned holiness into superficial stuff - modest dress, pleasant language but inside the cup is rotten. I am letting God work on the inside, and slowly the outside is reflecting that change. And Lord forgive me, but sometimes I use expletives to show Christians how little it takes to upset them.

Lori Mondshine"

yes she is the very same lori mondshine mentioned in the post.

i wanted to clarify that i do agree that relationships do not grow cold because of ritual, religion or repetition of action. in fact ritual, i believe, is a natural response of our created soul, a necessary reaction to both the carnal and the divine that humans experience. and i also agree that relationships grow cold when we stop seeking. when we replace seeking with ritual.

and the second part of her message made me laugh, out loud.

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