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7:41 PM

oh how He loves

today i had a profound realization in the midst of the mundane. to set the stage: poor husband has been working nights this week, and in or...
11:15 AM

he took the trash out

i opened the cabinet under the sink and saw an empty trashcan. no, not a trashcan that was recently emptied of its contents. a trashcan tha...
8:52 AM

"your comebacks, they're quick"

a few weeks ago i was talking to my sister-in-law, the same one who buried her baby. she mentioned someone making an offhand comment implyin...
1:31 PM

"it kind of hurts"

"The art I create is an image of beauty in pain" my sister-in-law wrote that in her artist statement on her website. she creates ...
11:43 AM

NOT a beautiful mess

This is what my husband's office currently looks like. Believe it or not, this is actually a vast improvement from months past. Once up...
6:02 PM

are you?

early on when ben and i first joined our a small group at the church the pastor asked us about getting involved. the conversation is fairly ...
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