are you?

6:02 PM
early on when ben and i first joined our a small group at the church the pastor asked us about getting involved. the conversation is fairly irrelevant, except that at one point he said (and i quote)

"if we are not feeding the hungry and clothing the naked and taking care of widows and orphans, we SUCK!"

it is so refreshing to hear pastors use words like suck. its like speaking the vernacular. but that's not my point. his vision for the church is so basic, almost primal, and yet it feels like exactly what god is asking of us. big beautiful buildings with stained glass crosses and high tech children's ministries, in my opinion, only scare people away. but love. love invites. love speaks. love listens. love heals. "love covers a multitude of sins." (and isn't it sin that we are trying to hide inside those big beautiful buildings with the stained glass crosses??)

then i got to thinking. am i feeding the hungry? or clothing the naked? or helping widows and orphans? doubt it.

are you?

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