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In seminary I have been subjected to so many "new spiritual" experiences, like people speaking in tongues, people casting out demons, people with the gift of discernment, etc. All very cool and very challenging things I have had to sort through. Each new exposure has left me wondering why my all-too-baptist spirituality feels so lacking. Why don't I speak in tongues, or sense demonic movement, or know how to read people better than they read themselves? It is no foundation shaking issue, just a minor annoyance that made me question my spirituality.
Yesterday in class Chuck was discussing evil spirits and casting out demons as a tangent to folk religions. He read to us from Luke 10 about the 72 casting out demons. They came back so excited that they had authority over evil. Jesus reminded them, and also me, "do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven." vs 20
It is not important what acts of the spirit i can perform. What is important is that I know Christ, that my name is written in heaven, that I will spend eternity with him. That is enough to keep me captivated for a lifetime :)

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