double cycle

3:27 PM
dr. widbin, my old testament prof, has this theory about the double cycle of israelite history. his first example was a comparison between adam and noah (which conveniently is a test question). The major elements shared between the stores are that of water, man, fruit, curse and chaos. When God created the world he gathered the water on the earth. Adam was created and all was well until he ate some fruit. then of course came the disobedience/sin which led to the exposure of nakedness. Then the curse. God let man live in his corruption until Noah's time. Once again the world was covered with water until God did something about it. Then Adam part 2, aka Noah. He was obedient and faithful and righteous and such until he got drunk off of the fruit of the vine he had planted. His nakedness was exposed to his son, who was consequently cursed. and the world continues in a similar corrupt chaos as in pre-noahic days.
i used to wonder if i could have done it better. if i were adam or eve i always wondered if i could have not sinner, if it were up to me maybe we would still be living in paradise. dr. widbin's double cycle made me realize that is not the case. adam couldn't do it. noah, the only righteous man of his time, and faithful beyond measure, couldn't do it. i couldn't either. which is probably why i was never given the chance.
God's grace is evident when he answers our questions founded in utter pride. when he humbles himself to reveal our foolishness to us.

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